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    · Reasons for whether the heating tube can prolong the service life by lowering the voltage. 2019/6/14
    Firstly, the voltage, power and resistance of the heating tube are related. Resistance = voltage * voltage / power. According to the formula, we know that the resistance value of the electric heating tube is fixed after it is made. So ......
    · What kinds of materials can be divided into according to the working environment? 2019/6/14
    What are the materials of the single-end heating pipe according to the working environment? After the introduction above, everyone knows. If you have electric heating tube products or other products in the company website (such as: ele......
    · Talking about the advantages of stainless steel heating tube compared with quartz heating tube? 2019/6/14

    Tracked electric heater is a unique kind of electric heating tube, which uses alternating magnetic field to install a primary coil with more turns and a secondary coil with less turns on the same core. The ratio of input voltage to ......

    · Power calculation of electric heating rod 2019/6/14
    The square of the voltage divided by the resistance is 380*380/R. The resistance R is measured by a multimeter.
    There are two kinds of electric heating rod wiring:
    1. If there is a voltage of 380 between the two lines, the po......
    · How to make the use of electric heating tube more energy-saving? 2019/6/14
    Nowadays, whether in industry or in life, the use of electric heating tubes is more and more widely. In many households and factories, electric heating products are regarded as electric tigers. There are many phenomena that can not be ......
    · Characteristics and application scope of single heat pipe 2019/6/14
    The single heat pipe is composed of metal tube, spiral resistance wire and crystalline magnesia powder with good thermal conductivity and insulation. It is suitable for heating air, oil, water, chemical medium, hot pressing die, molten......
    · How to calculate the power of the electric heat pipe? 2019/6/14
    How to calculate the power of the electric heat pipe? As an electric heat element, the formula for calculating the power of the heating pipe is very important to us. The calculation of the power of the electric heat pipe can be conveni......
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