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    How to fix the heating pipe?
    2019-6-14 Reading times:[1290]
    How to fix the heating pipe? There are many kinds of materials and shapes of the heating pipe, including single-head and double-head electric heating pipe, straight, U-shaped, L-shaped, W-shaped and special-shaped electric heating pipe. Its price is cheaper, and it is used and installed in many ways, so it is also widely used in various heating occasions. Then how should we operate and install the fixing of heating pipe? Here is an introduction from our staff.
    1. Die heating tube
    The common die heating tube does not need to be fixed, and is directly installed in the heating hole for heat transfer.
    2. Single-ended heating tube
    There are several types of single-end heating tubes, such as L-type single-end heating tubes, baffle type single-end heating tubes and threaded single-end heating tubes.
    (1) The common single-ended heating pipe refers to the heating pipe without baffle, thread and other fixing methods. Its installation method is: directly mounted on the bracket; after drilling, fixed on the heating pipe with copper sheet or other metal sheet sleeve (similar to baffle electric heat pipe); some fixed the heating pipe by welding.
    (2) The L-type single-head heating tube can be directly inserted into the working environment. It does not need special fixing to install and fix according to the installation instructions.
    (3) The baffle type heating tube can be used directly or fixed by welding on the basis of the baffle.
    (4) Installation of threaded single-ended pipe is to screw the threads of heating pipe in the fixed parts. Usually, the threaded type is used for heating liquid. Of course, the strict requirement of sealing can also be guaranteed by welding on the original basis.
    3. U-shaped heating tube, flange heating tube and fin heating tube
    U-type heating pipe normally has fasteners, usually installed directly with fasteners, not fasteners are usually installed with brackets or welding.
    Flange electric heating pipe literally means to install and fix according to the way of installing flange. Flange installation can generally be divided into connecting flange (bolt fixing) and welding flange. In the case of low pressure or low sealing requirement, the connecting flange can be used to fix metal gaskets through bolts through several bolt holes of original or later processing; in the case of high pressure or low pressure with large diameter, the flange can be installed by welding flange, and the flange can be fixed by welding.
    It can be said that the basic double-ended heating pipe needs to be installed, can be installed with fasteners.
    How to fix and install the heating pipe is introduced here. Fixing and installing the heating pipe is a fine and indispensable link to ensure its normal and stable work. Without this link, there will be problems such as dead break of the heating pipe, unstable work, local bare leakage and so on.
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