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    Use and Maintenance of Electric Heat Pipe
    2019-6-14 Reading times:[1284]
    1. The heating part of the electric heat pipe should be all immersed in the heating medium, so as to avoid the damage of the electric heat pipe caused by the slow heat emission beyond the allowable heating temperature. In addition, the lead-out part of the wiring should be exposed outside the insulating layer or heater of the heater, so that this part should not be overheated and damaged.
    2. For input power supply, the voltage shall not exceed 10% of the rated voltage indicated on various electric heat pipes. If applied below the rated voltage, the heat generated by the electric heat pipes will decrease accordingly.
    3. The terminal of the electric heating pipe should be tightened by two nuts. Do not use too much force to avoid loosening the lead screw and damaging the electric heating pipe.
    4. Electric heat pipe wiring end should be kept clean and dry, otherwise it will reduce insulation performance and be short-circuit breakdown. If chemical corrosion, flammable, explosive and other liquid or gas environment is applied, the electric heat pipe wiring part should be strictly protected with insulation sealing device to prevent accidents.
    5. When heating some viscose materials, such as sodium nitrate, stearic acid and paraffin, the power supply voltage should be lowered at the beginning of heating to reduce the calorific value of the electric heat pipe. When all the viscose materials are melted into liquid, they should be heated at the rated voltage.
    6. Special attention should be paid to the heating medium when choosing the electric heat pipe. It should not corrode the material of electric heat pipe and shell.
    7. If the surface of the electric heat pipe accumulates thicker scale and grease, it should be removed regularly. Otherwise, the heat transfer performance of the electric heat pipe will be reduced and the heat load on the surface of the tube will be damaged beyond the allowable rating.
    8. Electric heat pipes should be stored in dry warehouses. If the surface is damp due to long-term storage, the insulation resistance should be measured by megaohmmeter. If it is less than 1 mega-ohm/500 volts, the electric heat pipe should be placed in a 200 degree drying oven for drying.
    9. The special electric heat pipe should read the relevant instructions carefully before installation and use in order to avoid damage.
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