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    What should we pay attention to when installing heating pipe?
    2019-6-14 Reading times:[1264]
    What should we pay attention to when installing heating pipes? Electric heaters play an indispensable role in our lives, and electric heating pipes as the internal organs of heaters are more important. Many people neglect important details when replacing electric heating tubes, which leads to shorter service life, uneven temperature or abnormal work after installation of heating tubes. So what should we pay attention to when installing heating pipe?
    Commonly used electric heating tubes: single head electric heating tubes, U/W type electric heating tubes, flange electric heating tubes, etc. Their structures and shapes are different, so their use methods are different.
    1. Single head electric heating pipe (how should the heating pipe be installed? Is it convenient to install?
    The single head electric heating tube can be directly installed in the die hole.
    The threaded single-ended electric heating pipe opens a thread matching the heating pipe inside the installed container, and then twists the threaded single-ended electric heating pipe in.
    A single-ended electric heating tube with a limiting baffle inserts part of the heating tube into the hole, and then fixes the baffle with a screw.
    2. U/W Electric Heating Tube (U/W Finned Electric Heating Tube)
    The U/W type electric heating pipe with fasteners should open a hole matching the thread in the container for installing the electric heating pipe, put the thread in, and fix it with a nut at last.
    The U/W type electric heating pipe without fasteners opens a hole matching the diameter of the electric heating pipe to the vessel installed with the heating pipe and passes the end of the outlet column through the hole.
    3. Flange electric heating pipe (how to install the heating pipe? Is it convenient to install it?)
    Flange electric heating pipe is divided into screw threaded electric heating pipe, reverse threaded electric heating pipe and flat flange electric heating pipe.
    This is what we need to pay attention to when installing the above heating tubes. The heating tubes are suitable for plastic packaging, small-scale die heating, analytical instruments, cigarette industry, manufacturing, semiconductor eutectic welding, heating of the input channel of die casting and non-rubber injection, cooling effect of various gas expansion, etc.
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