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    What are the connection modes of electric heating pipes?
    2019-6-14 Reading times:[1318]
    What are the connection modes of electric heating pipes? The heating of electric heating pipes mainly depends on the internal electric heating wire through the current heating, and the connection mode determines the current and voltage status of electricity, so the connection mode of electric heating pipes is very important. The connection mode of heating pipe determines the way that the external voltage and current pass through the resistor wire, so the choice of connection mode of heating pipe has very important practical significance. What are the connection modes of electric heating pipes?
    There are four main connection modes for electric heating pipes: series connection, parallel connection, star connection and triangle connection.
    1. Series connection
    Series connection is one of the basic ways to connect circuit elements. Connect circuit elements (such as heating rods) one by one. The circuit composed of electrical appliances in series is called series circuit. In a series circuit, the current through each electrical appliance is equal. The total voltage is equal to the sum of phase voltages.
    2. Parallel connection
    Parallel connection is a way of connecting circuit elements. It is characterized by connecting two similar or different components, devices and other prime ministers, and also connecting the tail and tail. Usually used to refer to the connection of electronic components in the circuit, that is, parallel circuit.
    3. Y-joint (star-joint)
    Star connection is a connection method between three-phase AC power supply and three-phase electrical appliances. Connect the three windings of the three-phase power supply with each other to form a common point O, and draw three terminal lines from the beginning A, B and C. The three sinusoidal power sources with the same frequency, equal amplitude and 120 degrees phase difference in turn are connected to the power supply system in a certain way. In Y-type connection, the line current is equal to the phase current, and the phase voltage is equal to 3 times the line voltage.
    4. Triangle Joint (Angle Joint)
    The triangular connection method of three-phase electricity is to connect the power supply or load of each phase in turn, and draw out each connected point as the three phase lines of three-phase electricity. There is no neutral point or neutral line in triangular connection, so only three-phase three-wire system is adopted. After adding ground wire, it becomes three-phase four-wire system. In triangular connection, the line voltage is equal to the phase voltage, and the line current is equal to 3 times of the phase current.
    What are the connection modes of the above electric heating pipes are introduced here. The same rated voltage is connected by different connection methods, and the final power supply it connects is different. Under reasonable operating conditions, the higher the voltage and power, the higher the heating efficiency.
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