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    The degree of environmental impact on electric heat pipes and matters needing attention?
    2019-6-14 Reading times:[1257]
    The basic conditions to ensure the perfect, efficient and risk-free operation of the equipment. Every customer is expected to communicate with our technicians. Electric heat pipe company can describe reasonably according to the customer's needs, so that it can install and work on its equipment very well. Sample acquisition is best given sample schematic, so that our communication may prevent inappropriate understanding or seizure of errors.
    Electric heat pipe heating equipment in the normal working environment, the humidity and temperature of the working environment have a great impact on power. Our experience of producing and discussing electric heat pipe equipment based on experience, briefly analyze the impact of the environment on the equipment and matters needing attention.
    First of all, although there is no clear sense of the impact of the electric heat pipe and the operating environment, but through the heating pipe, case and actual operation requirements, the impact of air humidity on the electric heat pipe is still very large, can not be higher than 95%. And there should be no flammable, explosive or corrosive gas. It is necessary to ensure the useful grounding of the shell before the operation of the electric heat pipe to prevent the occurrence of the incident.
    Actually, the connection maintenance between the electric heat pipe and the ground wire.
    Top of the list, the best grounding resistance to maintain grounding is about 4. (When the transformer capacity is not more than 100KV? A, 10 is preferable.)
    Second, the grounding body can be made of flat steel with a wall thickness of not less than 3.5 mm or a cross-section area of not less than 4 mm. Under the condition that there may be corrosive soil in the front, galvanized conductors and pipes should be selected, and copper pipes can also be used.
    Thirdly, multi-strand insulated copper wires with cross-section less than 1.5mm2 should be selected for grounding imported wires. Heating pipes should not have joints in the center.
    Thirdly, the instability and ruggedness of the three power supply of the equipment should not be greater than (+5%).
    It is necessary to know the acidity and basicity of the liquid when heating the electric heat pipe in the liquid so as to make it more suitable for the electric heat pipe to operate in the liquid.
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