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    Operation principle of heating tube and its application prospect in industrial field!
    2019-6-14 Reading times:[1178]
    According to the investigation, heating pipe is more and more widely used in the industrial field, such as oil, machinery, chemical industry, printing and dyeing, ships, electric power and other occupations, an efficient and energy-saving heating, heating, viscosity reduction equipment, which replaces the traditional fuel, coal, steam heating and other methods. This kind of electric heater has been widely used in the industrial field. Its heating element is the selected alloy, the thermal strain characteristic of its resistance can make it adjust the heating power actively, adjust the dynamic heating power according to the technology description, heat the catalyst medium passing through the equipment pipeline, and then improve the activity of the catalyst, which can produce more types of commodities and improve economic efficiency. Benefit. However, this kind of heating pipe in the process of operation will also present different faults, so in order to deal with the faults of single-ended heating pipe in time and make it work normally, we must master the operation principle of this kind of heating pipe skillfully.
    Temperature sensor, thermocouple for temperature measurement components, the highest temperature can reach 800 degrees. The technology of heating tube adjusts heating power mainly by controlling the conduction angle of bidirectional thyristor in the voltage regulating module to complete the output voltage of the voltage regulating module and then change the power of the electric heater. Technical requirements when starting heater, first open the power switch, and ensure that the emergency stop point is closed. Without any fault alarm, press the start button contactor to suck in, and the upper end of the voltage regulating module is charged. The medium temperature detecting device can detect the medium temperature in the equipment by a single-ended electric heat pipe. After the temperature signal is converted into a current signal by a medium temperature transmitter and sent to the emergency stop and normal closing point, and compared with the basic heating temperature signal set by the technology, the control signal is sent to the computer intelligent controller of the voltage regulating module, and the two-way operation is possible. The silicon conduction angle is controlled to adjust the output voltage of the module and then change the power of the heater to reach the intention of controlling the temperature of the medium.
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