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    Analysis of the scope of use of air electric heater and its advantages?
    2019-6-14 Reading times:[1152]

    The air electric heater is a heat exchange equipment which converts heat energy. The heating tube has the advantages of convenient energy supply, compact layout, active temperature control, easy equipment maintenance, pollution-free and so on. The electric heater is composed of a tubular container and an electric heating element, and is equipped with a temperature control cabinet (table). Some of the controllers use leading digital circuits, integrated circuit flip-flops, high back voltage thyristor and other components to form adjustable temperature measurement and constant temperature system, which ensures the normal operation of the electric heater. The heating element of heating pipe is straight tube instead of U-shaped layout, and the special sheet-metal hand is used to facilitate device and disassembly. Temperature control adopts thyristor conditioning and PID digital display. Within the scale of temperature control, the required temperature can be set arbitrarily, and the main heating pipe, moving and adhering to constant temperature, the heating pipe operating temperature (+5 C). It has over-limited sound and light alarm and multiple maintenance functions, and can be operated locally or remotely.

    The air electric heater is mainly used to heat the required air flow from the initial temperature to the required air temperature, up to 850 C. It has been widely used in heating pipes, aerospace, weapons industry, chemical heating pipes, industrial and University laboratories. It is suitable for active temperature control, large flow and high temperature combined system and accessory experiment. The scale of air electric heater is wide: the heating tube can heat any gas, the hot air is dry, no water, no chemical corrosiveness, no pollution, no conductivity, no burning, no blasting, safe and reliable, and the heating space is fast (controllable). Air heater is a new type of heating equipment for ash removal system in coal-fired power plants. Electric heater is suitable for the heating of inclined tank gasification air, dust hopper gasification air and ash warehouse gasification air in power plants. The equipment consists of air electric heater body and control system. The electric heat pipe has good thermal conductivity and excellent insulation. There is a guide plate inside the heater, and the heating is uniform. The air electric heater control cabinet and the gasifier fan have interlocking operation function, local operation and remote control interface. When the equipment suddenly stops and starts from scratch, the control cabinet can actively slide and adjust.

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