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    Talking about the advantages of stainless steel heating tube compared with quartz heating tube?
    2019-6-14 Reading times:[1634]

    Tracked electric heater is a unique kind of electric heating tube, which uses alternating magnetic field to install a primary coil with more turns and a secondary coil with less turns on the same core. The ratio of input voltage to output voltage is the same as the ratio of coil turns, and the energy remains unchanged. Therefore, the secondary coil can generate large current under low voltage conditions. Compared with the induction heater, the bearing is a short-circuit single-turn secondary coil, which will generate a lot of heat when passing through a large current at a lower communication voltage. The heater itself and the yoke will remain unchanged at room temperature. Because this heating method can induce current, the bearing will be magnetized. It is important to ensure that the bearings will be de-magnetized in the future so that they will not absorb metal magnetic debris during operation. The heating tube of FAG induction heater usually has the function of automatic demagnetization.

    Tracked electric heater uses metal to heat itself by eddy current in alternating magnetic field. Generally, Boer goat quotation is used in metal heat treatment and so on. The reason is that when a thick metal is in an alternating magnetic field, it will generate an electric current because of the electromagnetic induction representation. The current of thicker metals will form a spiral active path in the metal after the current occurs, so that the heat generated by the current activity will be absorbed by the metal itself, which will make the temperature of the metal rise very quickly. This kind of heating pipe is a kind of energy-saving equipment which can heat the fuel oil first or twice. It is installed before the incineration equipment to complete the heating of the fuel oil before the incineration, so that it can reach the lowering of the viscosity of the fuel oil in the heating pipe at high temperature (105-150 C), promote the effect of full atomization incineration, and so on. To achieve the intention of saving energy. It is widely used in pre-heating or re-heating of fuel oil such as asphalt or clear oil and heavy oil.

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